The new light weight and user friendly APPASAMY VIDEO INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE VIO-7 is built with most modern resources of optical engineering to fulfill the doctors' documentation needs and laser system compatibility.

  • High resolution CCD color camera with advanced digital signal processing
  • Fine Focussing adjustment to get sharp video images
  • Wide visual field and strain free binocular vision
  • Illumination spot center adjustable
  • Setup is very simple and easy bulb replacement
  • Completely sealed optics for total protection against dirt and dust
  • Connection to video Peripherals such as VCR, TV, etc.
  • Ideal for use in teaching hospitals, helps in patient's education
  • Allows to work with digital files
  • Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO)
    1. Interpupillary distance : 53 mm ~ 76 smm
    2. Light source : High intensity Halogen lamp - 6V/10W
    3. Illumination area : ?80 mm
    4. Weight : 510 grams including Head band
    1. Video focusing distance : 140 mm ~ 2000 mm
    2. Image size : 80 mm
    3. Video output : PAL
    4. Power supply : DC 12V/ 65 mA
    Standard Accessories
    Scleral Depressor, Fundus Chart Pad, Power supply, Video Cable
    Optional Accessories at an extra cost
    Diagnostic lenses, Television/monitor, SVHS Cable, Carrying case, Lamp, Teaching mirror

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